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A Beginners Guide to Wing Foiling - Rooster Steve Learns to Fly

By Steve Cockerill 13th January 2023

During the long hot summer of 2022, my wife got hooked on the idea of learning to Wing Foil. After she had taken a couple of lessons, I was encouraged to give it a go.   I should say that I am a fairly fit 60 year old who can swim 2K in 35 mins and who spends lots of my spare time doing core workouts and bike rides.  I am fairly accomplished small dinghy sailor and can understand the wind, although the last time I stood on a windsurfer was 40 years ago and I would not say I was a...

The Classic Hiking Shorts Story

The Rooster Classic Hiking Shorts were the first technical clothing product developed at Rooster.  We had tried to get the...

By Steve Cockerill 23rd May 2023

Superlite Hybrid Jacket - the story behind the development

Originally launched in 2019, this jacket has been an all-time favourite amongst the team at Rooster HQ, as well as...

By kate morrison 20th January 2023

Rooster Athletes Take on the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Row Challenge

 Since the first crossing in 1896, rowing across the Atlantic Ocean has been a challenge that has adapted to the...

By Florence Hales 9th December 2022

Top 10 winging tips Theo Galyer

1.Make sure you start on bigger kit as this will make the start of the winging journey much less painful....

By Rooster Ambassador (EU) 13th January 2023

Why do we do Black Friday?

As a brand that are anti-consumerism, and whose primary aim is to make quality durable products, reduce unnecessary purchasing and...

By kate morrison 30th November 2022

Launching a Laser/ILCA on a Lee Shore

Lee Shore Launching in a Laser/ILCA - YouTube Launching on a lee shore can be daunting but in a Laser/ILCA...

By Steve Cockerill 14th April 2021

The Aquafleece® Robe

The latest development in our iconic Aquafleece® range takes the form of the ‘Aquafleece® Robe’. This robe is the perfect...

By kate morrison 30th November 2022

An Olympic Journey & Moving on from the Finn, Facu Olezza

After returning from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, placing 6th overall, Argentinian Rooster Ambassador Facundo Olezza (Facu) has been reflecting on...

By Rooster Ambassador (EU) 20th August 2021

Gybing an RS400

Gybing an RS400 Gybing an RS400 can be trickier than some other dinghy classes due to its size, speed and...

By Rooster Ambassador (EU) 4th October 2021