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Tuning Guide

Europe Mast Thinking - The Danish Concept

By Steve Cockerill 23rd May 2023

  When I was coaching the UK Europe Squad back in the late 90's,  I had some  technical help from Sid Howlett who at the time was Ben Ainslie's technical coach for the Finn.  Sid explained that standard Finn mast bend profile was:  The mast should have 100% of the fore/aft bend number at the half point (between the bands) with 50% at the quarter and 50% at the 3/4 point.  Effectively a perfect segment of a large circle which makes fitting the sail to the mast very easy especially with increasing or decreasing sheet tension.  We have to hope that...

RS400 Wing Wangs – What's under the bonnet?

It was time to change my Wing Wang Primary Lines on my RS400 and I had noticed that the wing...

By Luke Morrison 4th October 2021

Rigging an Old Style Laser 6:1 Kicker

(Previous Rooster Blog article from Oct 2015 - updated and restored) For those of us who have been using the...

By Steve Cockerill 14th April 2021

RS Aero Over Deck Control Lines - Full Video

      POST VIDEO NOTE:Please use a separate piece of line to attach the two blocks to the traveller...

By Steve Cockerill 14th April 2021

Laser - My Mast Rake.

So Lasers are one design? Well almost. There are build tolerances that make small differences to your speed from mast...

By Steve Cockerill 14th April 2021