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The ultimate watersports gift guide

By Monique Vennis-Ozanne 27th November 2023

With the holiday season well and truly upon us, it’s time to find the perfect gifts for the people you care about. From our versatile wetsuits and cosy accessories we have lots of great options to help you choose. Check out our top selections below: For the one who is always cold: There’s always one who never gets their layering right, so maybe as a start educate them on the layering system so they know what to do.  Aquafleece® can pretty much guarantee some extra warmth on/off the water, in particular the Pro Aquafleece Spray Top can make the difference for those who get cooler...

Paddle to the Moon challenge by Aquaplanet!

Watersports help people to stay connected with the outdoors and can help people to unwind and relax. This is evident...

By Monique Vennis-Ozanne 16th February 2023

A Beginners Guide to Wing Foiling - Rooster Steve Learns to Fly

During the long hot summer of 2022, my wife got hooked on the idea of learning to Wing Foil. After...

By Steve Cockerill 13th January 2023

Competition entry #6: Re-Cycle Hack - Using an Old Topper Boom

In light of the importance of reuse, reduce and recycle, Janet Keenan has found another use for an old topper...

By Steve Cockerill 14th April 2021

Competition entry #7: 5 Expert Level Tips from a Sailing Enthusiast

Rob knows what he's talking about, submitting 5 ideas he's discovered in sailing: Grippy Gloves: Rubberised gardening gloves (usually yellow)...

By Emma Ralph 14th April 2021