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Getting back into Dinghy racing

By Rooster Ambassador (EU) 28th March 2023

Sailing, like any sport, has a busy summer season for racing, with numerous events taking place all over the UK and beyond. For me, sailing an RS200 in the North West leads me to the RS200 Northern Tour alongside the Rooster Championship Tour which will include the National Championships taking place at East Lothian Yacht Club. Chinese general and military strategist, Sun Tzu, once said: “Every battle is won before it is fought”. In other words, you need to manage resources and preparation effectively before you enter battle…or in dinghy terms, any racing event. Whether it is a club, regional,...

Rooster RS Aero Halyard upgrade by Sammy Isaacs-Johnson

The new design Rooster RS Aero 5mm Pro Halyard Loop is a simple way to reduce troublesome slippage that occurs while sailing...

By Rooster Ambassador (EU) 8th February 2023

Sailing a Solo as a Lightweight Sailor

I have always thought of myself as a lightweight whilst racing the Solo.  In 2022 I was 74Kg which was...

By Steve Cockerill 31st January 2023

Why do we do Black Friday?

As a brand that are anti-consumerism, and whose primary aim is to make quality durable products, reduce unnecessary purchasing and...

By kate morrison 30th November 2022

The Aquafleece® Robe

The latest development in our iconic Aquafleece® range takes the form of the ‘Aquafleece® Robe’. This robe is the perfect...

By kate morrison 30th November 2022