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Kit Guide

12 Paddleboarding Safety Tips - Sea lion Boards

By Rooster Ambassador (EU) 25th May 2022

Stand Up Paddleboarding is a great way to enjoy the water, from calm sheltered bays along the coast, to the white-water fun that can be had along a river but remember to be mindful to know your your limits and keep yourself safe whilst paddling. Here are some of our top tips to think about before you hit the water! 1. Respect the water First and foremost, every body of water should be respected. Never underestimate it. 2. 360º awareness of the changing conditions Being aware of your surroundings, the changing of tide, the changing of the weather etc is...

Product Development: The Rooster® Harness - Meets latest World Sailing Regulations

The Rooster® Trapeze Harness is fully compliant with the new weight rules and has positive buoyancy as per requirements in the 2021-2024...

By Kate Morrison 9th July 2021

RS Aero Over Deck Rigging

POST VIDEO NOTE: Please use a separate piece of short grey line in the Rooster kit to attach the two...

By Steve Cockerill 9th July 2021

Pro-Laced Boots Unboxed Close-Up

  The Pro Laced Boots (made from 4mm lined neoprene) have been developed to give the wearer ultimate support for...

By Emma Ralph 4th June 2021

Aero Main Halyard Tips

Here is a neat little trick to make your Aero Halyard work a little more smoothly. Take 1m of Rooster...

By Steve Cockerill 14th April 2021