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Game-Changing kit for Active People On and Off the Water

By Emma Ralph 14th May 2021

Getting a closer look at why the kit at Rooster is made a particular way is really important to us. it's often unconventional, we don't only take one hobby or skill into account, we're catering for the active people who want to do and try everything and have the exact right kit for the job every time.


I think of this long-sleeved tech top as such an unsung hero in the kit range. Everyone I know that wears one has it as their go-to staple top now, men, women and kids alike. Possibly 'unsung' because on the surface it is a normal long sleeved top but, my word, is it comfortable! Not only that but it's protecting you from the sun at a UV protection rating of 50+ as well as being quick drying which make is ideal in the hot or cold climate, providing an excellent extra base layer when it gets cold.

Lightweight and loose-fitting, use as a base layer, training shirt, or as a laid back alternative to a rash vest - the ideal multi-purpose tech top.

This is a special one, we’ve utilised FERAN ICE® by Rudolf GmbH hydrophilic material technology to provide the best moisture transport, improved soil release properties to keep garment soft and supple wash after wash.

The reviews on this one really speak for themselves!

Women's Sports Shorts and Sports Bra

A fairly recent addition but an important step into hybrid kit for women, by this I mean kit that can be multifunctional across all the sports from land to sea. We've made them both out of heavy duty nylon spandex for comfort, stretch, flattering fit and, most importantly, to get wet. great for running, yoga, benching at the gym or pilates, but in the same breath, the low profile style and cut keeps them seamless for wearing underneath a wetsuit. Or just jump straight in the water on a hot day and they'll behave like any other swimsuit.

Double layered throughout for added support, the Sports Bra has a racer back made from mesh, where the sports shorts have a mesh gusset enhancing breathability,  Wide yet soft elastic high waist band on shorts and chest band on sports bra keeps the top securely in place.


Race Armour Knee Pads

Very new but so worth their weight in innovative design! If you're on a boat and you spend time on your knees you should be seriously considering knee pads, they're also quite good for those of spend a lot of time supping on their knees. They're actually a sleeve so they do have more staying power and comfort than a lot of knee pads, but they also have added shin protection, because it's not always just your knees that hit the deck.

A streamlined fit with a silicon rubber elastic webbing strip at the top band and above the calf maintains the position of the knee pads, whilst an additional elastic strap is positioned just below the knee to further secure the pad in place. Comfortable stretch panels around the main knee panel allow stretch where you need it the most and improved movement, with a breathable mesh panel down the back to add breathability to the back of your leg. We've used Duratex II at the outer surface and NBR rubber used on the inside – this has minimal water absorption so weight will not be added to the pads when wet, the properties of the rubber also mean that the pad will mould to your body slightly and also adds some shock absorption for any falls, and we all know they do happen.


In an age of keeping safe, we're changing outdoors more and more but we didn't just want to create a simple changing robe, we sought to make sure that it was quick drying and very lightweight, packing down to fit in the smallest possible space in a kit bag, easy to kart around, easy to maintain and easy to dry. They are strictly speaking 'one-size' but we have an adult poncho, a junior poncho and a baby-junior poncho - we're all a little sad that we don't fit into the baby junior poncho in the office because it has THE MOST ADORABLE Comb on the hood but for those of us that aren't toddlers, it's a pretty tight squeeze.

Technical Shorts and Race Armour Deck Pads for Technical Shorts

These Tech shorts are more durable on the seat panel than I have seen before in sailing, using reinforced Cordura®,  but it's not just about that... They look like a simple low-profile fit but they're also exceptionally multifunctional: Pockets, zips, loops, velcro and adjustable side tabs make up an incredibly useful pair of shorts. Not to mention the nice slight stretch in the main panels that are also quick-drying and UV protective. The most important feature, I think, when it comes to these shorts though is the optional extra padding:

Padding your clothing isn't just for dinghy hikers and rugby shoulders. Technical Shorts are cooling, abrasion resistant shorts with well designed pockets and systems that are hugely functional and comfortable for the competitive keelboat sailor, our Deck Pad inserts take them another step further. We have designed Technical shorts to be able to fit these in seamlessly. Made of M.I.S.R.A foam (Mouldable Impact Shock Resistant Armour) that is very firm for shock absorption as well as memory active to perfectly mould to your unique shape for comfort and ease of movement. Keelboat hiking just became painless.


Laptop Backpack


Last, but (and I cannot stress this enough) NOT LEAST,  something we have called the 'Laptop Backpack' which you absolutely must consider to be only one isolated example of its possible use. I have been using this as my laptop backpack for around 2-ish years, I certainly don't HAVE to be using it everyday as such and i wouldn't if i came across something more useful to me but I simply haven't. The level of well thought through extra pockets, adjustable gaps, zips and clips its next level. I like to drink a huge amount of water from a huge water bottle and there is no way that I will ever put that bottle in the bag of expensive electronics with a lifetime of work on - I've had some traumatic experiences in the past with tea. So, the side bottle holder (I agree not unique yet, but ideal) stretches to fit a large bottle but the extra clip above (suddenly getting more unique) holds your larger, taller bottles firmly in place, and that's adjustable, so, just bear with me here, my water is on the outside of this waterproof bag, held in tightly, SO...

Last weekend I went running and trekking up and down hills for hours and in my head I had no bag that I deemed appropriate for this, then I saw my 'Laptop Backpack', adjustable straps, CHEST STRAP, water tightly secured on the outside, pockets for everything, sunglasses, snacks, keys, camera, layers, laptop - ok I made utterly no use of the laptop compartment for this particular trip, and what a joy, I didn't get a sweaty back either. So yes, take it to work, but also take it cycling, walking, hiking and travelling.