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Boat Maintenance Tips

Need a Premier Hull Finish? - Use SpeedSIX HydraPRO

By Mark Harper 14th April 2021

Field application of SpeedSIX HydraPRO SpeedSIX HydraPRO comes if two handy sizes either a 100ml tin (enough for most dinghies) or a 500ml version (suggested for keelboats). The product comes in a quality aluminium screw-top container (the 100ml on test here) which is suitable to cover most dinghy hulls. The boat in question to have the product applied was an FRP Solo (LOA 3.78m). First job before applying the product, is to ensure that the hull is completely clean, degreased and any residue, dirt or grime is removed. Fig 1 Photo of hull before cleaning. To assist with the clean...

How to Mend a Leaking Topper

  Leaks are bad news but there are only so many places that water can possibly get into a Topper....

By Dave Cockerill 14th April 2021

It's Riveting Stuff

Here you will find some top tips on how to drill off a blind rivet and more information on rivets...

By Steve Cockerill 14th April 2021

Simple Eye Splice in Spectwelve - VIDEO

Sometimes the simple things look the best - I hope you find this video useful. Be inspired - buy lots...

By Emma Ralph 14th April 2021

Game Changing Rooster Brushed EVA Deck Grip® – Control Yourself

RS800 Sailor, YouTuber and all round great guy Mozzy Sails talks grip. Specifically the new Rooster Brushed EVA Pro Grip....

By Mark Harper 14th April 2021