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We are proud that you can change your universal joint in the blink of an eye with our Rooster Carbon Tiller Extensions.

If you need to cut down (shorten) your tiller then simply remove the small cross headed screw, extract the inner plastic sleeve and UJ and then carefully mark and cut  the tube with a hacksaw (use a good sharp or a new blade) the carbon tube to length.  (TIP Use the Rooster tape to mark the cut line so it nice and square). Use a small metal file to remove any sharp carbon burrs from the new cut end.

Now, drill a new 1.0 mm hole in your tube, (use the old cut off piece as a pattern to find the hole position along the tube) insert the inner sleeve with the 2 holes lined up, and then re-fit  the UJ,  and screw in the small cross headed screw to complete.

See the video below for more on how to change the UJ fitting:  

Personally, I do not use the clear joints with rope cores as I believe that the lack of pigment in the rubber encourages UV damage and its early failure, so I use the RWO Omniflex UJ.

Once you see the first signs of creasing and cracking in the rubber, it is less than a minute job to change it for a new one - and that's without any extra lubrication.

P.S. any washing up liquids are suitable, not just fairy! It is equally easy to change your universal joint to any of the common brands.

I use the Sea Sure Flexible UJ on longer extensions as I like the extra security and ease of releasing with the new SeaSure Slick Release.


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