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Collaboration Spotlight: Rooster® and Sandy Point Watersports Unveil Exclusive Bag Collection

In an exciting partnership, we’ve teamed up with Sandy Point Watersports, a local business to us, based at Hayling Island - South Coast of England, to introduce a special bag collection just in time for the gifting season.

When Rory and Chris, who head up Sandy Point Watersports came to us with the idea for a collab for a unique bag range, made using repurposed sails and offcuts, we were more than excited to bring this to action. Sandy point are a local business who we already work closely with, and whom resonate to our core brand values, through our shared passion for the seas and helping customers enjoy watersports and all the other fun bits involved – from splicing cool new rope setups to utilising old parts to make something resourceful. So, this collaboration seemed like a natural fit.  

Crafting with Purpose: Upcycled Sails and Rope Offcuts

The bags in this collection are crafted from upcycled/repurposed sails, and Rooster rope offcuts. The use of such materials adds a unique touch to each bag, whilst also helping to reduce environmental impact involved to make virgin fabrics. The production of these bags happens in close proximity to Rooster HQ, taking place at Sandy Point Watersports base on Hayling Island, a mere 10 miles away. Hand-stitched with care by Rory and his dedicated team, this local collaboration not only minimises travel distance but also significantly reduces overproduction, allowing for efficient small-batch production that benefits both companies.  

Individual Stories Inside Each Bag

To enhance the personal connection, each bag comes with a specially designed label revealing some context into the sail used in its creation – you can use your own imagination to make a story behind the history of the sail! This attention to detail adds a meaningful touch for those who appreciate the journey of the materials.

Functionality Meets Eco-Conscious Design

Beyond their eco-friendly origins, these bags are designed for practical use. The durable water-resistant base on the large handbag and the wash bag makes them suitable for both seaside adventures and everyday activities. We’ve also included versatile carry straps and handles for flexibility in carrying and hanging and added chunky sturdy zipper closures to keep your belongings safe. You can view the range here:


As the holiday season approaches, we’re excited for you to explore this limited edition bag collection, and you never know – if it takes off, we might be tempted to continue into our main range! It's more than just a fashion statement; it's a collaboration that values sustainability, functionality, and supporting local businesses.


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